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NHS Nursing Vacancies, UK

Expiration Date: 31 December 2023

Are you a registered nurse with at least one year of experience? IHR are now seeking staff nurses for the NHS in the UK. It is an ideal opportunity for experienced nurses who are caring, empathetic, and compassionate.

The ideal candidate will be required to:
Support staff in delivering quality patient care and work as effective team members.
Be adaptable and flexible to meet the challenge and demands of your new role.
Display the care, compassion and knowledge to look after adult patients.
They should possess excellent communication skills and be a team player.


  • Minimum 1 year experience
  • OET or IELTS passed for CV submission
  • There must be no gaps in employment history (historic gaps are permitted)
  • Previous experience in Cardiac, Community, Elderly Care, Emergency, Geriatric, ICU, Medical, Mental Health, Oncology, Paediatric, Psychiatric, Respiratory, Stroke, or Surgical


Attractive Benefits:

  • 3 Year COS
  • 6 weeks of paid accommodation
  • Reimbursement of IELTS/OET, CBT and NMC registration
  • Band 5 nursing pay scale (£27,000)
  • Prepaid flight to the UK (up to £600)
  • 12-week OSCE program
  • Rapid career progression
  • Vibrant city-based hospitals
  • Warm, friendly atmosphere and excellent cost of living
  • Teaching and research-driven
  • The NHS pays the OSCE training fee and exam fee (If the candidate leaves in the middle of the contract, they will have to pay the same back as a fine)


IHR are pleased to assist you with each step of the process. Please click apply now and complete our online application form to apply for this job. For more information, please contact our recruitment team at

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