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We at IHR understand that the biggest challenge in International Recruitment is relocating Professionals. Relocation has never been a plain sailing task for anyone, especially when you have to move from one corner of the world to another. Talent knows no borders, yet relocating across borders and managing a setup becomes more complex every year. While International relocation needs a lot of coordination and dedicated operations, This is where IHR comes in the picture. We provide a reliable and dedicated relocation team  who take care of your needs, and those of your professionals. 
RElocation - IHR

What relocation services are provided ?

Our dedicated team is on hand to provide dedicated assistance with the relocation process. 
This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Visa and Work Permit Applications 
  • Set up of Irish Revenue PPSN 
  • Set up of Irish Bank Account
  • Irish mobile phone number
  • Transfers from arrival airport to accommodation
  • Accommodation sourcing close to place of employment or study
  • Assistance with COVID isolation and quarantine requirements (as per Irish Department of Health guidelines) 

“Choosing to work far away from my family and country is an extremely tough decision but it can be very rewarding in terms of experience, adventure and of course the pay. I was worried and uncertain when I decided to make this move all by myself until IHR came supporting me. Im gladly writing this to share my experience IHR has provided to me. Before flying over to Ireland, IHR guided me on things I needed to prepare in terms of financial, documents that I may need, accommodations and other little little things but very important to prevent hiccups in the process. When I’m here in Ireland, they continue to follow up with me closely, such as getting my PPS number, Revenue registration and assisting in opening bank account. Those steps may sound easy but every registration is a headache especially for a foreigner like me. It’s not something you can google easily. In simple words, IHR has been very tedious in planning, guiding and explaining every steps clearly to me. Following up on me closely has been very helpful too. Every effort given to me is A+ standard, never any lesser than that. Well done IHR! Thank you for being my support all this while. I’m ever so grateful to IHR and team.” – From Chew Soong On (From Phillipines).

For more information on our relocation services,
Please contact our Relocation Coordinator Keeley Somers on or call +353(0)71 914 2849

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